Don’t settle for lower quality citrus fruit during the summer months.

About Us

Summer Citrus from South Africa is proud to bring the finest citrus fruit to the U.S. during the summer months by consolidating the logistics, marketing and sales efforts for this unique collaboration of South African citrus growers.

Established in 1999 and re-branded for expanded marketing efforts in 2016, the Summer Citrus from South Africa group provides Navels, Midknights, Easy Peelers, Star Ruby Grapefruit and Cara-Cara oranges.

Why Summer Citrus from South Africa?

Citrus from South Africa is delicious, sweet, and high-quality. Plus, you have access to the superior, peak-of-season citrus fruit when U.S. crops are dormant. Taste the difference of Summer Citrus from South Africa!

Sweet flavor icon
Superior, sweet flavor
Easy-to-peel icon
Easy-to-peel, virtually seedless varieties make healthy snacking a cinch.
Available June - October
Available May – October
Special varieties icon
Special varieties available to complement local supply when otherwise unavailable.
stringent standards icons
We consistently exceeds stringent standards for growing, harvesting, and shipping to deliver only the best quality citrus.
rigorous inspection icon
Each shipment of Summer Citrus undergoes rigorous inspection and is approved by the USDA/APHIS prior to leaving the port of Cape Town and again upon arrival in the United States via refrigerated vessels.
Computerized tracking icon
Computerized tracking can trace cartons directly to specific orchards in South Africa, assuring consumers of its reliable goodness.
cold sterilization icon
Our advanced scientific cold sterilization processes preserve freshness during shipping.