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Making a Case for Summer Citrus

Fruit owns the majority of Snacking Dollars

On-the-go Snacking Produce Dollar Share

On-the-go Snacking Produce Dollar Share graph

Dollar % Change vs. Year Ago

snacking statistics

icon of a grocery bag with 61% placed over it

61% of US shoppers have purchased oranges in the past year.

Snacking fruit, such as Clementines, owns the majority of snacking dollars.

67% of Americans say they plan to prioritize healthy or socially conscious food purchases in 2018.

Trade Tools

sales toolkit document

Sales Tool Kit

Achieve consistent supply with our delicious summer citrus from South Africa. Download our sales toolkit to learn more about our citrus and the following:

  • Product Availability Chart
  • Program Advantages
  • Exporter Information & Contacts
  • Importer Information & Contacts
  • Harvest of Hope Overview

Download Complete Toolkit