Superior, sweet flavorful summer Navels!
Navel orange


The sweet easy-to-peel crowd pleaser. Perfect for juicing, baking and salads.

Navel oranges are a consumer favorite and the growing popularity and acceptance of South African Summer Citrus means that the fresh, sweet, juicy goodness of navels is available through the hot summer months. This makes them an ideal thirst quencher as well as being strong on nutritional value. South African navels are easy to peel, seedless and bursting with juicy goodness. Their superior quality is due to the ideal Mediterranean climate of the growing regions. The navel season lasts from June through the end of October.


Sweet, juicy and seedless

growing chart for Navels

Cambria Navels

Sweet, juicy and virtually seedless

growing chart for Cambria Navels

Autumn Gold Navels

High juice content; more acidic flavor

growing chart for Autumn Gold Navels

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