Summer Citrus from South Africa Prepares for a Healthy 2023 Citrus Harvest

April 26, 2023 |

CITRUSDAL, South Africa (April 26, 2023) Summer Citrus from South Africa announces the start of its 2023 harvest with an estimated 76 percent increase in container production compared to last year. The first vessel is expected to arrive in the U.S. by May 13 with weekly shipments continuing through the end of October.

“Now is the time to claim the sweetest summer fruit from South Africa!” said Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa. “Our first shipment to the U.S. was packed last week and will be continuing through the summer months to meet the ongoing increased demand of citrus fruit within the domestic market.”

While challenges within the international supply chain are inevitable, the group from South Africa manages product based on demand with its impressive team of growers, importers, local and global officials, as well as logistics and marketing teams. The business structure enables the company to respond to retail partners needs based on consumer behavior and demand.

“We look forward to kicking off of this season with not only the best team, but also excellent quality fruit with exceptional flavor and color,” said Conradie.

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