Trade Newsletter July 14

Can we skip to the good part?

**Summer Citrus has arrived**

We’re now in the ‘good part’ of the program with fruit mainly arriving on the east coast and some expected volumes to make their way to the mid-west and southern states later this season.

The arrival of our first conventional vessel has traditionally been a big celebration and something we hoped to return to this season. I’m happy to share that after two years, we finally had the opportunity to toast to the first vessel’s arrival in Philadelphia.

Check out our new video of the vessel’s arrival in Philadelphia below!

You will see SCSA-grown products at the importers’ repacking facilities and see first-hand from our loyal U.S. service providers and importers as they elaborate on our unique business model and collaboration.

Production Update

At the end of week 28, we’ve packed 55% of the 2022 crop!

45% of has shipped in the form of 7 conventional vessels plus containers. The majority of the 9,000 pallets in these containers will arrive in New York, with one vessel making a stop in Packer Avenue, PA, and a number of containers planned to reach Savannah, GA, and Houston, TX. 

This past week, we discharged the largest conventional vessel our group has ever shipped, accounting for 7,500 pallets. For the remainder of the season, we will continue to send weekly conventional vessels and containers in-between to meet the demand of the market. In terms of shipped volumes, our fruit basket offers 47% Easy Peelers, 42% Navel Oranges, 8% Star Ruby and 3% Cara-Cara.

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Wishing all a wonderful summer and thank you for the continued support!

Regards from South Africa!

Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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