Trade Newsletter June 4

What hasn't killed us has made us stronger!

Take a look at how we maintain our star-quality crop in this video!


The most precious career advice I’ve ever received was from Mayda Sotomayor Kirk. She said:

“Over preparedness is the key to any success. Over prepare for all your meetings, and this way, you wil be semi-prepared for any unforseen challenges.”

Our team is an avid follower of this belief. So, although no one could have prepared us for what happened during the global pandemic, my guess is that every challenge we faced before actually prepared us for 2020.

People often ask me what the greatest lesson was that I learned during the pandemic. I would say I learned that people are extremely resilient and that one never knows how far you can push yourself.

Have a look at the video above and see how, the lessons learned from the world pandemic, has resulted in a much stronger program into the U.S.

Although most people are vaccinated in the U.S. and I guess Covid-19 is becoming a bit of an after-thought, the reality is that the rest of the globe is still struggling. The virus has had a snowball effect on the global supply-chain, which has forced us to continue to over-prepare.

And that is actually what we as group of competitors, in terms of growers, exporters, shipping groups and service providers, have been doing the last couple of months, we have been “over preparing” exactly as Mayda suggested.

Production Update

As we were slow out of the blocks, Easy Peelers have caught up with previous YTD figures and will start arriving early June, most through end of June.

Navels will really start to arrive towards the end of June on the Cold Stream (1st dedicated conventional vessel) and the MSC Jeanne (1st container arrival into Philadelphia).

Conventional vessel will arrive after Independence Day weekly, with container arrival in-between both into the port of Philadelphia.

Cold Stream

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As all of you in the U.S. are starting to get into the summer season, it is winter in the Western Cape and so far rainfall has been promising!

Continue to stay safe and get your daily dose of Vitamin C from South Africa!

Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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