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Does it still make sense to collaborate for the agriculture sector in this modern day? Growers, exporters and service providers, across the globe will shout out: “Yes!

During this world pandemic, the citrus industry remains one of the few positive stories in the South African economy. As COVID-19 has hit all businesses around the globe, the successful Summer Citrus from South Africa program to the U.S. has flourished.  Over the years we’ve developed a culture that has culminated into our recipe for success.

Our 20 year recipe for success is:

  • No man is an island: This program is a collaboration between growers, exporters, service providers (both U.S. and S.A.), importers and ultimately retailers. We sell to retailers during the summer months and utilize online digital marketing assets to elevate demand for citrus from South Africa.
  • Rome was not built in a day: It takes time to build a sustainable and solid business and what has not killed us, has made us stronger.
  • Choose your partners wisely: There is a famous saying in my 1st language Afrikaans, “Dis nie alles goud wat blink nie”, which basically means not everything that shines is gold. Choosing partners is important to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Relationships form the backbone of our business: Relationships have saved us many times and enabled us to negotiate the best end-result time and time again!
  • Selling the world’s finest Summer Citrus: It all starts with selling and presenting the right product to the U.S. market at the right time of year. The citrus fruit that is shipped to the U.S. from South Africa during the summer months is premium quality.
  • Managing supply and demand: This has been our motto from day 1 and the increased supply was the result of increased demand, particularly while people seek to boost their immune systems.
  • Going the extra mile: We are only as strong as our service providers and their staff.
  • Resilience: We must adapt/recover quickly from difficulties which is likely the most important lesson we learned in 2020.
  • Plan and be over-prepared: Our group considers and deliberates over every decision we make, to make sure it is inclusive.
  • Get the right people around the table: I view business similarly to the way I view war, choose your best troops!
  • Stay authentic: This is really applicable to all aspects of our business allowing each and every player to stay unique to who they are and who they want to be, which applies to our marketing approach in the U.S.
  • “n Boer maak ‘n plan”: This basically means, don’t underestimate a group of growers collaborating. Put them all together in one room and the job will get done!

Now, join me as I recap facts and figures from our unique program:

  • This program has doubled its volume in the last decade, from +/- 39,000 to 81,000 pallets, basing our business on the principles for success outlined above.
  • We have grown almost 70% since 2019 with the biggest growth in Easy Peelers and with Oranges, available supply was able to meet demand.

Watch this video and see why we say we are selling a country with confidence. We have a lot of momentum with our collaborative approach and intend to keep it going!

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We are happy to sponsor the Global Reception at Fresh Summit on Tuesday, October 12, 2020 from 5:45pm – 7:15pm eastern, which will include a combination of group presentations and breakouts to encourage networking amongst participants from around the globe.

Production Update

Easy Peelers

South Africa produces the world’s best later Mandarin varieties, and a majority is the Nadorcott variety. These beauties are now in peak arrival!  Connect with our  select group of importers to secure yours.


Navel oranges are nearly complete and soon Midknights will be available.  Currently the amount we have available is truly not enough to supply the demand – but those that are booked for this amazing fruit are in for a treat!

citrus grove

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Marketing Update

We invest in driving demand for Sumer Citrus from South Africa to elevate awareness of the fruit and encourage shoppers to ask for it by name at their favorite retail store!

As the summer season comes to a close, we will slow our demand driving activities but will remain steadfast in our communication to our brand followers and ambassadors in the U.S.  Each year that we conduct marketing activities to drive demand, we build our network of shopper contacts to prepare us for an even better season next year.  This year we are happy to have captured the attention of:


Members of the SCSA Shopper Community

hand holding citrus

The Final Push for Summer Citrus

People are seeking citrus fruit to help them keep strong immune systems as they prepare for the harsh winter cold and flu season.

There is still opportunity for you to secure your Summer Citrus from South Africa – but hurry and contact an importer today!

Let the SCSA marketing team help YOU drive demand.  Ask your import partner about utilizing our marketing support to $$DRIVE DEMAND$$ to your stores!

Thank you for the continued support and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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