Trade Newsletter August 12

2021 Mid-Season Update

Since the beginning of the pandemic experts have said, “Things will get a lot worse before they get better,” and over the last few weeks South Africa, these words have been true for our country.

There were riots and looting in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng, taxi-violence escalated in Cape Town, the 3rd and most severe COVID-19 wave and to top it all, the unforeseen disruption of the Transnet IT system.

Transnet is the state-owned enterprise that operates and owns most of the country’s main seaports. As a result of it’s failure, total chaos ensued for all major exports and imports as vessel schedules needed to be adjusted and a manual system was instituted to get products moving again.

Q: Given the obstacles, where are we now?

  1. Violence in Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng and Cape Town has thankfully settled for now.
  2. It seems that we are through the 3rd COVID-19 wave and the vaccination process is well underway.
  3. Transnet has resumed the IT system and all ports and shipping lines are working through the backlog.

Q: How was the Summer Citrus program into the U.S. affected?

This program remains a bright and shining armor in South Africa as our program has not been impacted by any of the above.

Our dedicated conventional vessels are moving fruit quickly in spite of the system shut down. Although not without its challenges, we have an open communication system and have so far been able to work through any obstacles without any major adjustments.

Our very own Summer Citrus from South Africa story of collaboration and sustainable farming is just the kind of positivity we are most proud to share:

  • Our approach to farming is all about food production that is in harmony with nature.
  • By farming the land, we aim to preserve the natural habitat for generations to come.
  • We remember to make the economics work!
  • Our people are our biggest asset.
  • We believe that nature gives you the results of the effort you put in.

As it was our plan to release a mid-season update, this video below was filmed while we were in the midst of all of the above. You will get a first-hand explanation of the current state of affairs, plenty of information on the program and where we stand with production, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful South African landscapes. And yes, we do get the odd snow on the mountains. Please enjoy and thank you for your contribution to our program!

Production Update

We have successfully shipped more than 50% of our planned volumes for the summer! With another vessel ready to load, packed volumes are just over 60%. 

Easy Peelers

We are slightly ahead on volumes and are picking up with later Mandarins as I type this message. The quality is looking really good, and you can expect a premium product.


We are slightly ahead on volumes and are into later varieties now.  Both quality and sizing are looking really good!

Star Ruby

Star Ruby is also really looking good, and it seems we will ship a little more than anticipated!


Cara’s are doing very well, and we have shipped increased volumes.

oranges on tree

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Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

hands holding oranges

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