Trade Newsletter June 19

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Our first dedicated vessel to arrive in Philadelphia this week!

The first of our conventional vessels with citrus from South Africa shipped to the port of Philadelphia and will be discharged week 25. The Prince of Seas vessel carries +/- 3,000 pallets of citrus, with two-thirds of total volume containing Easy Peelers and the balance Navel Oranges. From now going forward, weekly arrival of Star Ruby and Cara-Cara will also be included as part of our offering!

cara cara oranges

For the remainder of the season, we will have weekly arrivals into the port of Philadelphia on either 1) our dedicated conventional vessels, 2) the bigger MSC container loads and some 3) Maersk container vessels.

On the production side, we have a healthy crop and have packed almost 30% of our original estimates for the US market, with 23% already shipped.

As we operate within a Mediterranean climate, we have had healthy rainfall which is needed and welcome to secure sustained growth on the production area.

lemons growing on trees

Here in Cape Town, we have a group of focused service providers, starting with 1) exporters, 2) bilateral entities, 3) shipping lines, 4) the port of Cape Town and many more 5) supply chain and logistical service providers with a focus on executing this program with excellence.

We pride ourselves in our forward planning and commitment to serve the US market with fresh and weekly supply of citrus fruit.  As we work with a commodity with an ever-changing life cycle along with operating in a challenging environment, we address unforeseen challenges as they occur, and we adjust accordingly very quickly.

As we start the season, everything is good and all is going according to plan and schedule!

Watch below to view this telling video that was filmed during the time that we loaded our first dedicated conventional vessel here in Cape Town.

Cape Town is the most beautiful port to ship citrus from in the world and by far, has the best team of service providers to work with! What you will see is the port and its operations, the beautiful Table Mountain and Cape Town surroundings, including our USA depots, and other service providers which focus on the citrus and specifically the US market.

Thank you to all for being part of our fluent running operation!

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Warm regards,

Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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