Trade Newsletter May 30

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The MSC Houston is on the way to Philadelphia!

Welcome to the 2024 summer citrus season! Our theme this year will be “25 years on the Sunny Side,” as we successfully concluded our 25th season in 2023. As the MSC Houston is on her way to Philadelphia, I’m excited to share a season kick-off message to all of our partners.

I would like to dedicate our first newsletter of the season to the service providers who have been part of our success story. The individuals and businesses are not only part of the success, but are also part of our future and planned, sustained growth path.

What makes our team unique? Their mentality is to “go the extra mile” to serve the US and as a result, we have grown our business. All of the service providers involved in this program have a strong focus on shipping and receiving Summer Citrus from South Africa, which has been fundamental in growing our business into the US sustainably.

“Hard work is a choice. Attitude is a choice. Discipline is a choice. Doing Extra is a choice. Excellence is a choice.

There are no shortcuts for a success – you must work for it!”

-Author anonymous

We started our season a few weeks ago and our first fruit will arrive into Philadelphia, the first week of June on the MSC Houston. We loaded +/- 120 containers as the market eagerly awaits the arrival of the fruit. On this vessel, mainly Clementines were shipped, which will shortly be followed by Navel Oranges and Star Ruby Grapefruit.

During my visit to Houston for Viva Fresh in April, I sat down with Patrick Kelly to discuss the planning process for a sophisticated program like Summer Citrus from South Africa. We combined it with beautiful footage of our first fruit that was loaded for the US market on the MSC Houston.

What this video for highlights from the event!

As our business model is to manage supply and demand, our original estimate into the US market will be similar to what was shipped in 2023.

In terms of the overall supply-chain, the group is very well positioned here in South Africa working in close collaboration with our service providers to move the required fruit in the windows as determined. We have secured sustained shipping options to cater for the overall growth of the program.

We will have weekly arrivals into Philadelphia as our current shipping plan indicates that we will have a conventional vessel the one week, and a MSC vessel the other week. We are still in the process of finalizing the Maersk vessels into Philadelphia, as well as the arrivals into Savannah.

Since we are 25 Years on the Sunny Side and commencing into the 26th season, I would like to wish all a prosperous and a very successful season ahead.

Thank you for your contribution to our program!

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Warm regards,

Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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