Trade Newsletter May 9

Thank You to Our Service Providers!

Celebrating the 25th season shipping Summer Citrus to the U.S.

We are entering a very special season as it marks our 25th year providing South African citrus to the U.S. Since we first launched the program, we have grown almost 2 and 1/2 times and we’ve done so successfully with the help of all our service providers, including exporters, supply chain management, cold storage, various shipping lines both conventional and the container, bilateral groups, USDA, and the South African Department of Agriculture.

For 25 seasons, Summer Citrus from South Africa has worked as a unified entity that has an even more challenging and complex interior with a number of moving parts.

Behind the curtain, we are a group of competing exporters collaborating together with various bilateral entities, connecting multiple competing shipping lines throughout the supply chain in South Africa and the U.S., shipping with a number of conventional and container lines, and finally, selling to a key group of competing importers.

As we enter this special season, we wanted to host a small function for our South African service providers as a special thank you for their focus and dedication to this program.

“We are standing on the shoulder of giants. We are building on what has come before us and it’s such an an honor and privilege to be a part of this program.”

– Gerrit van der Merwe, Jr.

A Personal Note from Suhanra

“What a dream team we have.”

We are selling the worlds finest summer citrus, and every single person who contributes to our process is a huge part of our success as we ship to the most challenging market in the world.

I love to refer to this group at the ‘Dream Team’ because all of the small pieces of the puzzle need to be put together to execute this program. If you are familiar with the U.S. Olympic Dream Team, you’ll understand why! We all check our egos at the door to ensure we are providing the best service and product to our customers! 

Every person the the Summer Citrus from South Africa staff are very special, not just to sustain our business but to also to grow and continue to sell the world’s finest citrus.

And so I say again, THANK YOU for everything that you all do for the success and effectiveness of this program! 

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Warm regards,

Suhanra Conradie

CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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