Trade Newsletter September 22

Marketing Update

“The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing...”

Summer Citrus Sweet Escape promotion header

Last month, we wrapped up our “Sweet Escape Sweepstakes” – our annual summer promotion that drives shoppers to search for SCSA fruit in stores.

This year, we invited consumers to ‘get away on a vacay’ with “The Sweet Escape Sweepstakes” and shared  ways to incorporate citrus into fresh summer recipes to be enjoyed with a sweet get-away in mind.

A few key takeaways from the sweepstakes:

  • Navel Oranges and Clementines continue as the most popular types of citrus purchased by consumers.
  • Salads and desserts / sweet treats also remain at the top of the list of types of dishes consumers incorporate citrus into.
  • Consumer respond well the monetary / cash incentives for promotion  entry

Season Update

“Selling the world’s finest Summer Citrus”

Easy Peelers have shown tremendous growth over the past few years and we are now seeing a larger arrival of Mandarins. This premium product has quickly become more popular and well anticipated by consumers.

Midknights, a niche offering from SCSA, will soon begin to take the place of Navels in the market. Overall, we have seen oranges doing very well during the summer months with great movement! 

Star Ruby has also been a true star with once again excellent quality, but limited quantity available.

Next week, we will load our last conventional vessel which will arrive around the middle of October. 

As always, we thank you for support and buying SCSA! Without you, this program would not be made possible.

summer citrus product lineup

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Warm regards from South Africa,

Suhanra Conradie
CEO – Summer Citrus from South Africa

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