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Trade Newsletter July 14

We’re now in the ‘good part’ of the program with fruit mainly arriving on the east coast and some expected volumes to make their way to the mid-west and southern states later this season.

Trade Newsletter June 2

Our first conventional vessel is scheduled to arrive mid-month! Watch the Coldstream loading in Capetown and experience first-hand how our operation works.

Trade Newsletter March 30

Selling the world’s finest citrus…is a powerful statement that comes with an enormous amount of support!

Trade Newsletter November 4

The last few weeks people have been writing about and sharing memories from Fresh Summit over the years. And yes, of course, I had the “blues” as well!

Trade Newsletter September 22

Justifying a statement like “Growing & Shipping the World’s Finest Summer Citrus” requires a strong supply-chain with a commitment to excellence in order to make such a claim.

Trade Newsletter August 12

Since the beginning of the pandemic experts have said, “Things will get a lot worse before they get better,” and over the last few weeks South Africa, these words have been true for our country.

Trade Newsletter July 29

Our very own Summer Citrus from South Africa story of collaboration and sustainable farming is just the kind of positivity we are most proud to share

Trade Newsletter July 1

As most of the states in the U.S. are opening up and going mask-free, South Africa is entering its 3rd wave of the pandemic.

Trade Newsletter June 4

People often ask me what the greatest lesson was that I learned during the pandemic. I would say I learned that people are extremely resilient and that one never knows how far you can push yourself.

Trade Newsletter May 21

As we are serving the world’s most demanding market, the U.S., executing a program with excellence is a detailed process and takes an enormous amount of preparation and planning.