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Trade Newsletter November 4

The last few weeks people have been writing about and sharing memories from Fresh Summit over the years. And yes, of course, I had the “blues” as well!

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Trade Newsletter September 22

Justifying a statement like “Growing & Shipping the World’s Finest Summer Citrus” requires a strong supply-chain with a commitment to excellence in order to make such a claim.

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Trade Newsletter August 12

Since the beginning of the pandemic experts have said, “Things will get a lot worse before they get better,” and over the last few weeks South Africa, these words have been true for our country.

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Trade Newsletter July 29

Our very own Summer Citrus from South Africa story of collaboration and sustainable farming is just the kind of positivity we are most proud to share

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Trade Newsletter June 4

People often ask me what the greatest lesson was that I learned during the pandemic. I would say I learned that people are extremely resilient and that one never knows how far you can push yourself.

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Trade Newsletter May 21

As we are serving the world’s most demanding market, the U.S., executing a program with excellence is a detailed process and takes an enormous amount of preparation and planning.

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Trade Newsletter May 7

Traditionally Summer Citrus from South Africa, hosts an annual planning session towards the end of March/early April each year. The purpose of the session is to review the past season and plan for the upcoming one. The session normally is attended by growers, exporters, importers, US and SA service providers, US retailers and over the years we have had some pretty amazing keynote speakers.

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Trade Newsletter September

Does it still make sense to collaborate for the agriculture sector in this modern day? Growers, exporters and service providers, across the globe will shout out: “Yes!”

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